Proper preparation for travel in a developing country is a necessity. Read through completely in order to be ready and healthy in Honduras! At the bottom you will find a link for more info.


Preparation Check List

  • Take this with you to your doctor, GYN, and dentist. Make appointment with your family doctor/GYN/dentist now - discuss your general health, prescriptions, and vaccines

  • Vaccination tip - some insurances will cover vaccines if given by your primary care doctor as opposed to a foreign travel clinic/nurse.

  • CDC recommended vaccines: Tdap, MMR, Hepatitis A, Hepatits B, Typhoid (oral typhoid lasts longer than injection)


  • Malaria prevention prescription: Malarone 250 mg take one daily starting one day prior to travel and stopping 7 days after travel ( 15 days , 15 pills)

  • CNS: Zofran prescription or Dramamine over the counter, Ativan prescription if anxious

  • Respiratory/ENT: albuterol and prednisone if asthmatic, nose sprays, allergy meds

  • GI: Pepto, Imodium, sport drink packets, fiber if constipated

  • Skin: antibiotic -Neosporin, antifungal- Lotrimin, anti-itch - Hydrocortisone, sunscreen, Deet spray (higher percentage Deet lasts longer)

  • Blister care: Band-Aids and moleskin

  • Bottled water will be available, take water purifying tablets just in case (ex. Aquamira Carbon Dioxide water purifier tablets)

August 22 or later: 

  • Spray bag, clothes/socks, shoes with Permetherin spray (lasts about 45 days)

  • Pack your bags using the link to "Packing List" above

Key Documents

  • Passport, medical insurance card, travel insurance, for providers-medical/dental license, DEA (take picture and send email to yourself)

Center for Disease Control and Prevention Website for Travelers