I Have Been to the Mountaintop!

About three weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel with Deacon Mike Mims and go to Honduras. I saw the communities that we will be serving. This is going to be one of the most exciting trips you will ever take in your entire life.

And this is ALL MOUNTAIN!

The treks to La Colonia and Mirador are straight up a steep dirt road. You can only get there via truck and the truck has to be fully off-road capable. This is going to be an incredible feat, which is why we have a dedicated logistics team.

The people that we will be serving are poor, but they're not in destitution. Their homes are extremely humble, but at least they have homes. They have a little farming land and little chickens running around everywhere. They are incredibly generous with what they do have, opening their homes to receive all of us fancy Americans. 

When we travel up there we will be staying in a resort at the bottom of the mountain called Tranquility Bay. This is run by two Canadians, a husband and wife, and they are absolutely delightful. The accommodations will be great and the food even better.

When I first went up there I was nervous about the water situation. But because were staying in Tranquility Bay, we will always have access to bottled water and filtered water. So that means every morning when you head up the mountain you will always have clean, fresh water.

So there are no worries! It will be a beautiful time to receive God's gifts and be Christ's hands and feet.