Day 1 - Saturday, 9/19 - Mission Trip 2015

Our first day.  After stopping at a local market to pick up personal items and gifts, the mission team's first stop was the Hogar de Niños Jesus Bueno Samaritano orphanage. It was an emotionally moving first experience for the entire team. Though some team members went on mission last year, the orphanage visit is a first for everyone. We visited with over 25 residents of the orphanage which is run by the La Obra Hermanas. Some residents have lived there their whole lives - children, teenagers, young adults, and even one adult lady. Many are wheelchair-bound and completely dependent on the sisters. Besides spending some time visiting, we had the privilege of celebrating Mass with them. The highlight of the day was witnessing the emergency baptism of a four-month old baby girl with hydrocephalus who was scheduled for surgery the following day.

It was a gift to share and see God's love in these people and an honor to serve for His glory.

(At the sisters' request, pictures from the orphanage will not be posted.)