Day 3 - Monday, 9/21 - Mission Trip 2015

It was a successful first day in the clinics and schools in the villages today. Some team members went up the mountain as early as 4:30 AM to deliver supplies to each location. The rest of the assigned teams joined them a couple hours later. Families walked from different 'pueblos' seeking free medical and/or dental care. They addressed their concerns and received medications for the entire family - some families of three, four, or five and even one family of six with a set of twins on the way!

Meanwhile at the local school the catechetical team spent some time with the children doing crafts and teaching and singing Christian songs.

The clinics closed around 3:30 and then the team prepared for 4:00 Mass.

It was a long but rewarding day! The gratitude that these people expressed after being cared for was priceless, and the smiles on their faces can not be replaced...just another opportunity for the Mission team to share God's love.