Latest news from Deacon Mike Mims

Dear Fellow Missionaries:

Since we last met, I have been down to Honduras on a scouting mission and to deliver supplies for the Franciscan University mission which Mike Gormley and I will leave on this Saturday.  I'm happy to report that the chapel in La Colonia is progressing nicely and will be almost completely finished when we arrive next week.  Fr. Felipe was thrilled with the makeup of our team for October and I've made the necessary contacts for our lodging and transportation needs.  I've also accepted an invitation from the families at the Franciscan School in San Pedro Sula to host us this year and to possibly send missionaries with us on our trip.

photo 5.JPG

Our next large group meeting will be on April 2nd at 7pm in the Adult Meeting room at the church.  At that time, we will begin setting down firm plans for each of the elements of our mission and begin discussing specifics of our fund raising and material needs for the trip.  Please make every effort to be at this meeting.

I will update you further upon my return from next week's mission.  Please keep me, and all of the FUS missionaries, in your prayers.

A few photos from February's trip are attached 


Deacon Mike