Sunday, October 5 - From Host Families to the Mission Field

Sunday, October 5th, began with breakfast in the homes of our host families.  Delicioso!!  We gathered back at the school to load our caravan and prepare for our eight hour journey to Trujillo.  Our first mission stop happened within the first hour as Father Luta, Deacon Mike Mims, and Dr. Teresa Romero stopped to aide an injured woman on the roadside.  It was like we were "living in" the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  Our ride to Truillo, our mission home base in Honduras, was a "community building" adventure.  You, our "home community" were included in the intentions of a bilingual rosary enroute.  When we arrived late in the afternoon, Larry and Linda, our hosts at Tranquility Bay and Campamento, welcomed us with smiles and beverages.  We unloaded, prepared supplies, equipment, and medicine for tomorrow, transported items to the communities of La Colonia and Mirador, shared a meal, celebrated a bilingual evening mass, and "fell" in bed.

Love this reflection from a fellow missionary:  "When we drove up today, we prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet and then prayed a rosary with the Luminous Mysteries.  So when we read the reflection and started reading the part about how Christ took the apostles Peter, James, and John up the mountain to pray - and how at that point Christ was revealed to them in a special way . . . how He was transfigured . . . it all hit us.  We all kinda got chills.  For us, it's like "WOW!" We're going up this mountain.  Christ is taking us up there and we're disciples of Christ and He is going to reveal Himself to us through these people - through this work that we're going to do . . . "

Matthew 17:4    And Peter said to Jesus.  It is well that we are here . . .